Cellar Door

by Sketchy Business

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Blunk Heard Gasoline and War Machines on Tell 'em Steve-Dave and liked it, like the ladies voice and the musicianship is very good. Favorite track: Hot and Bothered.
Anthony Gromalski
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Anthony Gromalski The best unsigned/indie band in the Mid-Atlantic / Northeast! Also Featured on Tell 'Em Steve Dave #286!! Favorite track: Gasoline and War Machines.
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This is the first album by Sketchy Business. "Cellar Door" is comprised of 10 songs that we have written over the past three years. These songs tell the story of a tragic man, Jack. Jack: Ignorant to the changes in the world around him and burdened with a temper. Insanity has caused him to murder his ex-girlfriend on Halloween Night. His tale starts with his escape down the interstate. As we travel back into Jack's memory where he relives his past, tries to convince his conscience into justifying his actions and describes the murder... Then, back to present. Being boarded up in a highway motel leads him to venture into the woods that soon becomes an intervention between him and the ghosts that come alive on Halloween Night. They chase him to live up to and face what he has done, start again, and find peace. And only at that moment of having his wings clipped does he learn how to fly. Finally, in the cold November air he faces the ghost he, himself, has created and decides to turn him self in, in a desperate attempt to put his mind and soul at ease. At last, on a lonely prison bus, he is finally at peace with himself and begins to see the blue skies ahead..
-This is "Cellar Door" _ Inner peace, let the riot cease.


released October 31, 2014

All songs written and performed by Sketchy Business
Sketchy Business is Alyssa Corey - Vocals / Matt Bednash - Bass / Dom Tolerico - Guitar / Rich Robinson - Drums

Recorded at Joe Loftus Studios
Produced by Joe Loftus and Sketchy Business



all rights reserved


Sketchy Business Pennsylvania

From Montdale, PA
Just 4 friends trying to make it big.

Putting it vaguely we play rock n roll..
but honestly.. You tell us what genre we are..

Matt Bednash
Alyssa Corey
Rich Robinson
Tony Gromalski
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Track Name: Highway 81
I’m not the same, but I’m never changin’
Wide open free-way, all in a day, man
She never saw the red I viewed through my own eyes
Makin’ the best of what they’re expectin’
Cryin’ and hopin’ that I’ll get arrested
I guess I had to snap for them to realize

I gotta get out, I gotta get down before the end of this old street
Sirens behind, darkness of the mind created crimes so discrete
Well, I did my crime, but I won’t do time I’ll bear this heavy load
And you won’t see me again on this open road*

Times were the same, but they needed changin’
A food in the mouth or a knife in the blanket
She never saw it comin’ she was her own demise
That’s when I lost it, hand in my pocket
After it started, I couldn’t stop it
Highway 81 I see a perfect sunrise

I’m not the same, but I’m never changin’
Times were the same but they needed changin’
I’m not the same, but I’m never changing
A foot in the mouth or a knife in the blanket
Track Name: Hot and Bothered
It’s been a while, babe, it’s been a while
Since I’ve seen your face
It’s been a while, babe, it’s been a while
You were just a child when you left this place
Every day I’m all alone starin’ at my phone, hopin you’ll call
All alone in my room just layin’ there starin’ at the wall

Thank god you’re dead; you’re in my head
But, you don’t know what I’d do to have the night alone with you
Of all the girls I see I just want you to be with me
You’re always on my mind, I think about you all the time
Oh, I miss you bein’ mine

You are so pretty, babe, you are so pretty
It’s too bad you think about yourself
You are so pretty, babe, you are so pretty
Your good looks are givin me bad health
Every day I’m all alone starin at my wall, nothin to do
All alone, in my room, just layin there, thinkin bout you

Oh, I miss you all the time
Oh, I miss you bein mine
Track Name: JDSOS
You frolic like sounds of the tear drops each ear at winter’s refrain
From people as they treat you like vampires draining the blood from your veins
And I can’t really tells what’s worse, the lies, the laughs or the jokes
The fear inside you is the fear or me and on the words you can’t say you choke

I’m counting corners in the circle of your mind
It’s just your sanity dissolved

In time, we all burn some bridges to but some new ones in their place
Our lives are like castles in the sand, in time, they all wash away
I haven’t the slightest idea how you’d look without guilt in your eyes
We’re born with a heart, so right from the star we crumble from miniscule lies
Track Name: Track 5
Take a walk through the wild
Come to the darker side of the street
I’m getting older by the second
Coughing up fragments of my dreams

Breathing heavy, my time is up
Waiting for my last phone call
Sipping coffee from my mug
Hell just rang and broke my fall

I’ll try anything that keeps me sane
Away from long night of delusional fame
Taking anything that comes my way,
But life’s just a train wreck rolling through the haze*

The doormat says that I’m not welcome
I sit in the corner and collect my thoughts
Well, I had to fall, I had it all, it’s time to make my curtain call,
but I’m not ready
These sunny days, they’re in the way, I can’t quite make out way to say
my mind’s unsteady

Take a walk through the wild
Come to the darker side of the street
The 45 holds a red reflection
My conscience takes a left hand seat
Track Name: Taping the Apocalypse
-I see death waiting for me
In the pictures exploring where I wanna go
Closing time is upon us,
Apocalypse on a school bus brings me back home

-I’ll break it down when I take this town
You can watch me where I stand
Listen, my friend, this is the end
This is not what we had planned

-Another day almost over
I can feel it getting closer as I turn the page
A mockingbird at my window
The TV serves as a pinhole where I can vent my rage

-It’s bleeding out, exhausted from doubt
Yelling “Fuck it” to the wind
The future is bleak, my conscience can’t speak
This tight rope is getting thin

~String me along as I try to wash the blood that’s on my hands
All hope is gone, this is the apocalypse, my friend

The apocalypse X3
Track Name: The Color of Chloroform
-The woods are filled with apparitions/ Marked behind a Cherry tree
Leaving all my inhibitions, seeing the epitome
Like a hopeless candle that just burned out/ Genocide of a family
A tragedy you can’t control/ You spin the wheels and you let it..

-Start again, start again
The push has the greater pull, start again
Start again, start again
Look at yourself and no one else, start again*

-The midnight sanctions confessed withdrawals/ A choice was made to walk away
Like the sun sets on a sleepy town only to start another day
You replace the truth with the lies you’ve sold/ Only to believe that truth be told
In the lies you tell, your demons call and beckon your conscience back to..


~Simple thoughts, hidden motives
The devil on your shoulder becomes the voice you hear
We’re damaged at our best, but we’re fine none the less X2
Yeah, we’re fine, none the less X2
We’re damaged at our best, but we’re fine none the less

Track Name: Exhale
Ive Been coasting through life, chasing my past
Friends and memories I know won’t last
It’s been slippin through my fingers
I’m comin back down, cause time won’t wait
We’re continuing lives we’ve grown to hate
Growing so, so close to the trigger

If the ends meets the means, sink our ships in the seas
1,000 light years away

Second verse the same as the first the same melody, but we’re playing it worse
As we try to bring you aboard

As our lives fall apart, they tear at the seams
Sunshine and shadows put harpoons through your dreams
This time they’re reeling to back to nothing
But, I’m looking forward, exhale in the relief
I’ve finally found something that deserves my belief
A choice to end all of the suffering

Paint your stories on the glass, take them out to smash
1,000 light years away
As the band begins to play you’ll drift back to better days
1,000 light years away

Inner peace, let the riot cease, we compete on disbelief
Track Name: Mr. Bluejay
A cold November frost may be coming soon
The birds have all been lost with lovers from last June
Her hands wave goodbye like wings before she turns her back and flies away
Mr. Blue Jay seems to be old and lonely in his tree
He stares into the pale, blue mountains/ He realizes he was born with wings
He begins to head for the sky/ And he looks back and sees that it’s alright
And so he says

What was I scared of? What was I scared of?
I knew that I could fly.
What was I scared of? What was I scared of?
This beautiful, open sky?

You can rustle all your feathers and try to fight the crows
But, get yourself together, cause everybody knows
You’re bleak and pale and almost stale, but we want to hear you chirp that you’re alright
Mr. Blue Jay, where you been? You’d flown the coop god knows when.
You’ve grown into the perfect monster/ Your veins fill with acid when you land
Won’t you take us for a ride?/ Your satin smile makes me feel alright

This beautiful open sky Oh, Mr. Blue Jay Oh, Mr. Blue Jay learn to fly

(Well there aint no clouds, theres no one around and I cant feel my feet on the ground, open my eyes and look at the skies realize its gonna be alright)
Track Name: Gasoline and War Machines
You can polish your smile to meet the comfort of the room
But all the while/ your eyes give it away
Cut the tension with the razor blades you’re keeping in your bag
And keep those feelings to yourself and hope, hope for better days

Meet me in the Poppy fields so we might finally sleep
Meet me in the cold November air
Meet me at the corner of Gasoline and War Machines
So we might finally get some comfort there

I can almost remember/those sleek, steel, summer smiles
Oh, but you couldn’t doubt it/ We had troubadour style
I caught a glance once at a traffic light the red shown on your face
And reflected was the green on mine and it burned out long before today
Track Name: Purple is the Sun's Favorite Flavour
Waking up, it’s a beautiful morning
Everything’s good, everything is alright
Feeling good, not a cloud in the sky
But, feeling restless, can’t let it pass me by

Birds above me, so wild and free
I inhale the sunshine like sweet ecstasy
Souls on our feet and hope in our lungs
As we remember the past is done
With nothing but

Blue skies ahead
There's nothing but blue skies ahead
Oh, blue skies ahead

Walking the streets it’s a beautiful night
The stars are out shining oh so bright
Make a wish and it will soon come true
The light of our youth renewed

Blue skies ahead

(Well there ain’t no clouds, no one around; I can’t feel my feet on the ground/ Open my eyes, look at the sky and realized gonna be alright)